Westside North | Kansas City, MO - 7,000 sf
Architecture Design | Build
Completed in 2022

Seventeenth & Madison is a story of restoration, involving a century old masonry building in the Westside North neighborhood of Kansas City, MO. The renovated product revived the street and storefront connections, calling back to the original entries, bringing renewed life back to the building and adding more flavor to the neighborhood. The existing structure consisted of four buildings connected, dating back to the late 1800s and the mid 1900s, posing the design challenge. The design solution consisted of using modern openings and perforated metal sunshade panels to tie the building together, resulting in one cohesive project. The interior corridor consists of a series of ramps and stairs to accommodate the levels of the building. The raw perforated metal panel guardrails are a signature piece in the space in both function and aesthetics. Repurposed wood from the original building was another key element to the overall design. Ramps, stair treads, shelves and louvered screens all consisted of the reclaimed wood.